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Images from this gallery appeared in print in "Polo Times" United Kingdom - June 2012 - pages 46-50 and 84-85.
Zacara vs Lechuza CaracasFacundo Pieres and Juan Martin NeroZacara vs Lechuza CaracasZacara vs Lechuza CaracasAmbiance - Guillermo “Sapo” Caset and Facundo ObregonZacara vs Lechuza CaracasNic RoldanTommy Morrison and  Sarah SchefferTrophyJuliana Marquis and Fran FarberNespresso MascotRenata CostaMiss America Laura Kaeppeler and Lauren DuffyMichelle Woods and Jeffrey DonovanJackelyn Cusse, Idi Mendez, Carlos Morean, Gaby Urdaneta, Jesus AveledoMauricio and Melissa DevrientMike Azzaro and Lyndon LeaMagoo Laprida and Juan Martin NeroMagoo Laprida and Facundo ObregonMagoo Laprida about to hit the ball - background Lyndon Lea and Victor Vargas